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Sep 1

 In Canada, Bitcoin ATMs machines are continuing to increase in numbers as demand for the cryptocurrency is increasing. Bitcoin ATMs provide a secure way to purchase the cryptocurrency, They are just like regular ATMs but instead provide the service of selling or buying cryptocurrencies.

In less than one year, the number of Bitcoin machines have doubled in Canada as the adoption of Bitcoin is growing. More and more people are interested in this cryptocurrency and want to take part of this evolution that became mainstream.

Where to find Bitcoin ATMs in Montreal

In Montreal, CryptoClubBTM is the leading Bitcoin ATM provider with machines in groceries stores and even laundromats. These type of locations are very convinient since they are open until late hours and during weekends too. They also provide a sense of privacy that is really important. These machines are safe to use and their technical support team is always available to guide you through the transaction if it is your first time. We have also noticed a decrease in the fees and an increase in the locations.

CryptoClubBTM Bitcoin ATM Montreal locations do not require any ID nor KYC. This means that you are able to purchase Bitcoin without sharing any personal information. Since Covid-19, they also added services such as pick-ups and drop-offs and their tech support is available even at late hours by SMS messaging. Their main office is on 5120 Av. Courtrai, Côte-Des-Neiges (close to metro Plamondon), and provide over the counter trades as well, by appointment only.

According to research published by crypto education platform Crypto Head, Canada is the second world's most "crypto-ready" country after the United States.