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Is seo better than google ads for small businesses

Nov 12

Is SEO Better Than Google Ads For Small Businesses?

In general, both are good ways for online businesses, though not everyone considers the use of one better than the other. Marketers and businesses ask: is SEO still alive or dying a death? What are Google's new ads, and can they compete with SEO? And is it still worth it to use SEO for small businesses?


Before you answer that last question, you may want to reconsider the question yourself. There are some very clear benefits of optimizing for Google AdWords and many other reputable ad networks, including Yahoo and Bing. Advertisers will generally pay more per click, which makes the ads look like higher quality and consequently bring them more customers. But if they were to take their advertising campaigns off the web and stick them onto a page with only text--that is, if their budget were lower--then they would probably lose those customers anyway.

Google Adwords

In addition, there are several clear disadvantages to optimizing for Google AdWords, such as the difficulty of monitoring your keywords and adverts in real-time. Google restricts the maximum amount you can spend each day on their platform, and you have to follow their terms of service, which includes not publishing your ad until they approve it. Also, you cannot track your keywords and adverts in real time, and the potential cost savings for keywords can be lost if you're paying for traffic when you really don't need it. Finally, the focus of many marketers has shifted to local, targeted traffic that is generated through offline channels and search engines such as Google Places and Bing, so it's not as effective if your content isn't located in your primary cities' or towns' pages.

Search engine optimization

There are, however, a number of tactics you can use to ensure that your business is appearing higher on search engine results pages for relevant keywords. SEO, or search engine optimization, involves a number of different strategies. For example, meta tags, keywords, titles, headings, and images are all considered SEO strategies. It's important to implement the same SEO strategies across the different platforms where your company's products are being displayed, as it will be more effective overall.


One strategy that many marketers are beginning to adopt is targeting small niche markets that are not currently being targeted by major search engines. Is seo better than google ads for small businesses? In many cases, yes. However, there are also significant drawbacks to having your website's content appear on Google Maps. If you're willing to dedicate a bit of time and effort into creating content that is focused on your market segment, you can achieve greater success.


SEO is also a great option for getting a foothold in an already crowded market segment. Google's AdWords is known for targeting specific search engine traffic. This is advantageous in that it increases your ability to target an audience. However, AdWords campaigns are also notorious for running on autopilot, which means that you won't always be able to view the results that you have spent money on.

Pay per click

Finally, you can also use pay per click advertising to increase your presence in Google. Google's pay per click advertising program, known as AdWords, is much like AdWords, in that you only pay for the traffic that comes to your website. The difference between the two, however, is that you are able to manage your ad budget per click, making it easier to manage your budget while optimizing your campaigns. In Google's eyes, the higher a quality score you have on your site, the more reliable your information and advertising is, which can translate into higher search engine rankings and, consequently, larger profit margins.


While Google's AdWords is definitely more flexible in terms of targeting your ads, there are clear advantages to using SEO instead. You can optimize your web pages for better search engine results, run a pay per click campaign on autopilot, and see results quickly. What you do with those results is up to you, and you should take care of these things according to your own business goals.






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