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What is Exponential Mindset?

Dec 31

30 Doubling Challenge Transforms Linear Mindset to Exponential Mindset

More precisely, as these technologies become increasingly integrated into daily life, mainstream culture is struggling to make sense of exponentials.

It is critical to consider how we measure the world. Our reality is shaped by our focus.

Take a time to consider Babylonian mathematics. It was based on a sexigesimal system, which explains why a minute has 60 seconds, an hour contains 60 minutes, and a circle contains 360 degrees. Can you conceive of a minute consisting of 100 seconds or an hour consisting of 100 minutes?

Our minds would have to adapt to an entirely new concept of time. Which developing technologies today insist on our compliance. We are living in a historical epoch in which the way we think about time and progress is transforming into an Exponential Mindset. It is critical for entrepreneurs and impact investors to think exponentially in order to flourish in this new world order.

Logarithmic mathematics and its inverse, Exponentials, entered the human awareness in the seventeenth century and were initially employed mostly by engineers and researchers. Until this point...

Blockchain, Tokenization and Cryptocurrencies Bring Patterns of Exponential Growth into Mainstream Conversations

More precisely, as these technologies become increasingly integrated into daily life, mainstream culture is struggling to make sense of exponentials.

That is why the Exponential Organizations Economy's 30 Doubling Challenge is so exciting. The objective is to demonstrate how deceptively fast exponential development may be. You begin with 0.00002 EXOs tokens and end up with 10,737 tokens after 30 doublings.

If you consider the total number of tokens from start to finish, you'll see that ten decimal places represents a significant numerical leap! Numerous organizations attempt and fail to tenfold their bottom line, which is a mere one decimal place increase. Therefore, considering jumping ten decimal points... the logical brain has difficulty comprehending what that means.

The concept of 30 doublings is an ingenious mental trick. It's a workable situation. It serves as a bridge between linear and exponential thinking without the use of sophisticated logarithmic grid paper.

That is why I needed to face the challenge... to determine if my intellect was capable of bridging the divide.

As a result, I began my adventure by taking on the 30 Doubling Challenge.

To qualify for a double, there is a list of possible activities that encourage me to engage with the Exponential Organizations community, the general public, and the tokens. All of these elements assist me in achieving my entrepreneurial ambitions.

On the first day, I finish my first ten doublings and go from 0.0002 to 0.01024 tokens!

If this were a road trip from California to New York, I would be around one-third of the way there in New Mexico. Yet it feels as though I haven't left the driveway yet, due to the token count remaining so low. On the second day, I accomplish the remaining 10 doublings, bringing the total to twenty. I currently have a total of 10.49 tokens. My brain recognizes that I am approximately two-thirds of the way there. However, when I see how meager the reward is after so much exertion, I begin to doubt whether I will ever reach the finish line. I'm halfway through that same road trip, somewhere in Indiana.

When Giving Up Would Be a Big Mistake

I am only at 168 tokens after 24 doublings. Really?!? This is when the mind chatter begins. "Are we nearly THERE yet?" it sounds like small children in the backseat of the automobile.

This is the point at which I almost fall asleep at the wheel, unaware of my location. I had the impression that I was still in my California neighborhood, despite the fact that I had traveled all the way to Ohio. Is all of this worth it? If this were a corporation, you may conclude that you will never reach your objective and leave ship in favor of something else.

That would be a grave error of judgment.

Here's what blew my head when I reached 27 doublings. Everyone says this, but you truly understand it only after experiencing it for yourself.

Those final four chores felt quite rewarding. So much development appears to be effortless in comparison to what before it. I have the sensation that I am teleporting to my destination. I obtain a considerable quantity of tokens with each doubling. I add two more doublings because I am now in flow and reaping the benefits.

Thus, did the challenge live up to its promise of assisting me in developing an Exponential Mindset?

To put it to the test, here is an intriguing question.

Can Your Brain Map Exponential Growth Accurately?

Our business and personal objectives are always evolving. Therefore, now that I have 10,737 tokens, how do I envision reaching one billion (1,000,000,000) tokens? A question you may wish to examine if you want to improve your entrepreneurial skills in today's world.

My brain examines all those zeroes, counts the decimal places, and estimates an additional fifteen doublings based on prior experience. And after the arithmetic is done, it turns out that it takes seventeen doublings to get 1,407,320,064 tokens. My estimate is slightly wrong by two doublings, but by a considerable amount of tokens. Fifteen doublings total 351,830,016 tokens... just over a third of the total.

Thus, the challenge was successful in providing me with a new tool for estimating exponential growth more simply for the time being. However, it remains a bit of a crutch. It is not yet precise due to the vital nature of each doubling. And it is not quite an Exponential Mindset in the sense that the number of doublings is being counted. For the brain, this is still a linear process.

However, this tool is quite handy. It's so straightforward that I nearly missed it. And it establishes a bridge so that our brains can eventually change to logarithmic thinking when we immerse ourselves in exponential technologies on a daily basis.
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