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Learn More About YallaCase Dubai

Jan 16

About YallaCase Dubai is a Dubai based online store that sells protective phone cases, famous brand iphone cases original, and brands of iphone cases like Pitaka Case, Arc Pulse Titanium for iPhone 13 Pro Max Cover Lamothe Paris Luxury Leather Case, Ringke Cases and ESR Gear Clear Case.

Pitaka Case on MagEZ Online Store
Pitaka Case on MagEZ Online Store


We also sell exclusively luxury leather cases from Lamothe Paris.

Patrick Tensor, former telecommunications engineer started in 2020.

The idea of establishing YallaCase company influenced by the situation of providing the best customer experience in Dubai UAE which is to cover their devices with protective cases like iphone MagEZ Pitaka Case.

YallaCase is a one iphone case for the whole family.

We sell iphone cases  compatible with all iphone models from old to new  at very affordable prices, please pay attention when you contact with our stores no matter what types of iphone cases  you need

YallaCase is an online store based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We are confident in the philosophy that all stores will not be able to compete with us in prices or quality!

There are no geographical boundaries for retail.

With YallaCase you can buy anything from anywhere.

YallaCase is the perfect destination to find a high quality, personalised iphone case to suit you.

YallaCase has a variety of fun and attractive accessories that work as a stand for your device at meetings or an attractive way to show your personality off if you just want a different look every day!

YallaCase is the first Eco friendly Online Store in Dubai UAE

In addition YallaCase has an eco friendly range too which includes almost 1000's of phone cases made from recycled materials! Best Online Store In The Arab World

If you’ve ever wished that there was something like this in the Arab world then here’s your chance to take hold of it!

After all, YallaCase is Arab we care about our culture we care about our identity we care about the people we share this planet with and we care about what you can do with YallaCase Designs.


If you're looking for an iPhone 13 Pro Max Case, you'll want to choose one that provides the best protection.
This is why the material that the case is made from is essential.
A higher-quality case will protect your phone better.
The material used for iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases is also important.
A better drop-protection rating means the case will last longer, which in turn will protect your phone.


YallaCase Location in Dubai, UAE: AL WASL, CITYWALK 2, UNIT 17-03 - Al Wasl - Dubai

0556820026 6727+W4 Dubai