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Stay cool this summer with our Air Conditioning Hacks

Feb 2

Do you find the thought of relying on an air conditioner in order to keep you cool making you sweat? Here are some suggestions to stay cool, conserve cash and dispose of the old air conditioning.


Google estimates that running an air conditioner window unit the entire summertime will cost at least $300. So, which room will you choose? Which is the bedroom? Does this work as your home office? Is it your living room? Is your family gathered around the hot, dripping, loud appliance when summer comes? Are there always people complaining about how cold it is in the house, and how Heating and cooling Colorado Springs have done it all right?

So, what's the goal for survival?

CFLs and LEDs are the ideal options. Here's (another) good reason to consider them if you're in need of one. About 90% of the light bulbs' energy is lost in the form of heat. While CFLs and LEDs will have a minimal difference in the temperature of your home They also help save (more) energy.


  • Let some fresh air in. It is a good idea to open your windows at night. If you reside in a noisy area, use a fan for white noise. It will be more efficient than an AC unit. If you're in the countryside, listen to the sounds of peepers and crickets while sleeping. They'll serenade you to sleep.

  • Shut the curtains. The coolest air in the morning. But when the sun rises and temperatures increase, shut the curtains. After you've let your home take the coldest air as you can, shut your windows and lift the blinds to keep it warm. It may seem counterintuitive, but your morning self will be thankful.

  • Remove the stove and relax by the flame. It's not the ideal method to end your day by heating up an appliance that is 350 degrees inside the house.

  • Feel the chill of the freezer. Set the fresh cotton sheets in the freezer prior to when you go to the bed. Enjoy a fresh, cool-to-the-touch bed.

  • Utilize airflow in innovative ways. Think again if you thought fans were just for moving air around. Suck all of the hot air from your window fan by turning it. The hot air will be drawn away, while cooler air will be drawn in if you opt to place windows side-by-side. Try different configurations to find the best one to fit your space. It's possible to even receive the ultimate standard -- across breeze -If you're lucky.

  • Connect with your roots. To the left of the fan, but the large bowl or roasting pan is filled with ice. The breeze will draw in the chilling air and take it the chill to your destination. Sure, this was done before air conditioning, and indeed, it does work!


Would you like to drink a quarter of a glass? The narrator says "Fill up." Drinking water throughout the day supplies your body with the resources required to keep cool through sweating. It is normal for your body to sweat.

Shower with ice-cold water. It's energizing and saves energy, and studies have found that it may boost productivity.

Unplug. It is better to disconnect electronic devices rather than turn them off at night. This will lower the temperature inside your home and help you save on the cost of electricity.


These quick tips can allow you to stay cool as temperatures rise to over 80 degrees. However, keep in mind the big image. Think about using the money to grow trees and vines around your property or make awnings that can be placed over your windows. Although $300 might seem a bit high during summer, it's possible to make a significant improvement in the energy usage when we all cooperate.

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