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Inspecting Your Roof for Damage After A Storm

Apr 13
Do you worry that your roof could be damaged by a major storm? Your home's strength is a key factor in the safety of your family. Florida Roofing Today of Ocala wants you to be able to effectively inspect roof damage. These are some tips to help you inspect your roof.
Regularly inspect your roof: This will allow you to compare the roof's condition after severe storms. You can then document the damage and establish if it was present before a storm. This information is useful when you file insurance claims.
Photographs are helpful: Take photos of the roof in its normal, un-damaged state. Photos taken "before and after the hailstorm" can help to end any discussion about hail damage to a roof.
You should inspect your roof immediately after a storm. Any storm or wind can cause roof damage. If you have to file an insurance claim for roof damage, the more data you have will help you support your claim. A roofing professional can help you identify the issues. They are more knowledgeable and safer.
Examine your roof gutters before and after storms. If your gutters are clean but clogged by mineral granules after a storm, there is strong evidence of roof damage and wear.
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