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How to get ready for home renovations and how to deal with common problems

Feb 5
Renovating a house can be just as exciting and rewarding as building a new one from scratch. You might have lived in a house for a long time and decided it's time to move, or you might have bought an older house that needs some work before it can be your dream home. With a kitchen remodel in St. Louis, you can change any room to suit your needs. There's something magical about turning what's already there into what it could be, but it's rarely easy to get to a beautiful home that's been fixed up. Time can be hard on homes, and when renovations start, it's common to find problems that were hidden by old wallpaper.
Even though renovations can bring up hidden problems, they should never stop you from making your house look the way you want it to. We've been in the business of building and fixing things up for decades, so we've seen a lot. We know what could go wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. When it comes to common renovation problems, half the battle is knowing what to look for and what to expect. So, we'll talk about the most common problems we see, how they can affect a remodeling project, and what should be done right now.

Water Injuries

Water damage is a big and all-too-common problem for homeowners, and it causes a lot of headaches when it comes to home improvements. It could start with a roof leak that isn't found until the water has gotten into the ceiling. Water damage can also be caused by plumbing problems, like a broken or leaking pipe. It's a trick. It's possible that you won't know there's a leak until you open up the walls to do some work. Water damage can be very bad, and floods are the worst.

There are cracks in the foundation, among other things.

One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner is to find a crack in the foundation while they are remodeling. Cracks in the walls and floors, gaps around the edges of the rooms, and doors and windows that won't open or close are all signs of a problem. Sometimes the problem is found while people are working on the site. Foundations don't always hold up over time. For example, the type of cement used in older homes can break down over time.
If cracks are found in the foundation, a structural engineer will have to look at the house to figure out how bad the problem is and suggest a solution. Your contractor may have more than one way to fix the damage. Sometimes, bolting steel braces to the house may be enough to stabilize the foundation. In some cases, the foundation may need to be held up by helical screws or concrete piers. In the worst case, a whole new foundation might need to be put in.
When we build new homes, we use structural foundations to make sure the structure is safe and will last as long as possible. Before pouring the slab, special void boxes, also called void forms, are put in place. The void boxes keep the concrete safe while it hardens, which makes the foundation stronger. They also make it possible for the foundation to grow and move without cracking.

Hazardous Materials

"They don't make them like they used to" is true for good reasons. During the renovation, old, dangerous things could be found and need to be taken care of. These dangerous chemicals must be handled and thrown away in a certain way. Even though laws vary from place to place, licensed remediators and expert contractors may be needed in many situations to make sure these problems are dealt with in a safe and effective way.
Lead poisoning is a serious health risk that is often found in older homes that are being fixed up. It can sometimes be found in old plumbing pipes and paint treatments for the inside or outside of a building.
Asbestos can be found in the basement, attic, ceiling, or behind walls. In some situations, it's better to leave it alone and keep it in check. Sometimes, a professional will have to take it off.
Work on the plumbing and electricity that doesn't meet code

Bad Work on a Renovated House in Layers

You may not always be the first person to try to remodel or improve a home. When several generations of homeowners do bad renovation work, they can leave behind problems that can be expensive to fix. As your remodeling goes on, it's possible that you'll find an archeological dig full of bad work. Before any new work can be done, you may need to take apart a bad extension, uneven woodwork, and mistakes made by home handymen or bad contractors in the past. If you don't, you risk ruining the final finish and result.


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