Beatport is the first digital music retailer to accept Bitcoin – News

Beatport is committed to the crypto boom by partnering with leading currency marketplace to launch Bitcoin payments and the first ever NFT dance music compilation.

Beatport announced as of June that it would accept Bitcoin as a form of payment from customers, making it the first digital music retailer to do so.

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It has also partnered with to release an audiovisual compilation entitled “Music For Future Dance Floors” on April 23rd.

Robb McDaniels, Beatport CEO, said, “If it benefits and empowers the artist community, there is no need to stop innovating.

“It is clear that even in the midst of a pandemic, the DJ / producer community is poised to get the industry to use new technology and innovative media to interact with their fans, and the world of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens is one clear example of this fact.

“For Beatport, this is just the beginning of our exploration of the Metaverse and we are committed to the long-term opportunities that this revolutionary technology offers.”

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The compilation will be the first in a rare series of A / V collections planned by Beatport and will include Sasha, Charlotte de Witte, Boys Noize and Pan-Pot, a new collaboration between Nic Fanciulli and Alec Monopoly, among others called Sold As Seen and a bonus track by Sama ‘Abdulhadi.

Charlotte de Witte said, “The world of NFTs is an interesting new platform for artists to explore their outcomes.

“We are very excited to explore this new world together with Beatport and to learn what this could mean for our world.”

The visual art of the compilation will come from Berlin-based Leif Podhajsky who has worked with the likes of Bonobo and Tame Impala for years.

Leif added, “As a digital artist who has worked extensively on creating visual worlds out of music, I’m really excited about what NFTs can offer to all creatives.

“It breathed new life into what it means to create works of art and collect music in the modern age.”

The compilation will also feature emerging artists such as Alignment, Third Son, Anna Lann, and Risa Taniguchi, who will join the established stars in mini-drops priced at $ 303 each.

All tracks are then packaged as a 10-of-10 auction with bonus material and include the bonus track, guest cards for shows by each artist, and additional visual content.

A portion of the proceeds will go to charity, including a donation from Beatport.

Beatport’s partner,, recently launched their own NFT marketplace for artists where they can connect with their huge customer base to sell unique and creative digital goods.

Joe Conyers III, Global Head of NFTs at, said, “Beatport’s core ethos of empowering artists to directly digitally share their work with fans is a shared mission here at

“We look forward to working with you on this decline to expand the possibilities in the world of NFTs.”

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