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Kittycoin Token Review - Is it Dogecoin 2.0?

Oct 4
What Makes Kittycoin Unique Compared to Other Cryptocurrencies
Kittycoin is growing rapidly thanks to a unique approach to the current mining issues. More specifically, this cryptocurrency has a different proof of work algorithm than other currencies. The following are some of the reasons why Kittycoin is unique:

It is Simple and cute
Kittycoin is a cryptocurrency that focuses on one thing (cats). So, instead of having an investment strategy, they chose to create a coin that appeals directly to cat fans around the world (of which there are millions). The marketing for this currency is focused on cat pictures with funny captions – things like "Hangry," "Catventure Time," etc. Kittycoin has grown to be one of the most valued and widely-used cryptocurrencies in the world. This is all thanks to their cute and straightforward approach – they only sell digital kitty cats and nothing else.

It has beautiful wallets
Another unique feature is that Kittycoin wallets are incredibly attractive. They have no "ugly" backgrounds or menus – everything looks sleek, modern, attractive, and easy to use. The wallets are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X, so you can use your computer's built-in graphics card to generate coins on your own machine (this will help keep your electricity bills down). And if you want even more coins, you can buy some at their official website as well as at various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Fast and Cheap Transactions
Kittycoin transactions are extremely fast and cheap. All you have to do is go to Kittycoin's official website to buy some, and the transaction will happen instantly. There are no complicated procedures – just go to their site, pick a kitty cat, click "Buy," enter your payment info, solve a captcha, and done! In comparison, Bitcoin transactions can take hours – even days – before they clear.

It encourages charitable contributions
The developers of Kittycoin encourage people to contribute donations or funds for charities using this cryptocurrency. This helps ensure that it is used for good instead of evil.