Litecoin Cryptocurrency Is 53% Up In The Last 14 Days

The Litecoin cryptocurrency is currently trending up 53.78% over the past 14 days. On Saturday, May 8th at 10:05 PM EST, Litecoin is trading at $ 345.98.

Litecoin Range

In terms of Litecoin’s daily highs and lows, it is up 61.12% from its trailing 14-day low of $ 214.73 and up 5.61% from its trailing 14-day high of $ 366.55 .

Social status

Litecoin currently has 173,664 Twitter followers and 313,175 Reddit subscribers.

Currently there are 2555 forks, 3793 stars and 538 subscribers on Github.


Litecoin’s current volatility last week, month, and quarter were 266.02%, 266.02% and 266.02%, respectively.

Litecoin’s current volatility rank, which measures how volatile a financial asset is (variation between the lowest and highest value in a period), was 266.02% (last week), 266.02% (last month) and 266, respectively .02% (last quarter).

Crypto Price Classification

According to the stochastic oscillator, a useful indicator of overbought and oversold conditions, Litecoin crypto is considered oversold (<= 20).

Bitcoin news

Bitcoin traders in the US have no investor protection, according to Gensler. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thursday, May 6, “the SEC signaled that bitcoin is a commodity under US law and is therefore not subject to the agency’s strictest rules.” The Chairman of the Exchange Commission, Gary Gensler, told the legislature. “

Goldman is offering Wall Street investors new Bitcoin derivatives. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thursday May 6th, “Goldman, who is still not active in the Bitcoin spot market, presented the bets to customers last month without notice.” Goldman Sachs Group Inc. moves deeper into the $ 1 trillion Bitcoin market, which gives Wall Street investors the opportunity to make big bets. “

Bridgewater CFO Dalby is leaving the Bitcoin service company. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, May 7th, “The company offers Bitcoin custody, execution and financing to its customers and is a $ 10 billion subsidiary of alternative asset manager Stone Ridge.” Bitcoin financial services company NYDIG. “

More news about Litecoin.

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