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Lovecoin Token Review - Is it the Next Dogecoin?

Sep 23

Lovecoin is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology by Bitcoin and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its purpose is to spread the following worldwide:

• Love
• Happiness
• Peace
• Economic Freedom

Lovecoin has a decentralized community thanks to a group of amazing volunteers working round the clock to support the project. It intends to encourage many to join the bandwagon and contribute to making the world a better place by buying one cryptocurrency at a time.

Lovecoin Benefits
The first benefit is that purchasing lovecoins at their current market price can be a huge opportunity to profit. Additionally, there is no requirement for new users to first buy tokens before using the application.

Another outstanding benefit is the newly created lovecoins allow supporting charities and causes voted by the users.

Purchasing even before thinking about the profits is enough to raise money and create awareness for philanthropic causes like:
• Help to end hunger in the world
• Support local charitable organizations like those engaging Covid relief programs
• Provide education and jobs for the needy

Anyone can support worthy causes through an innovative voting App. A user visits the Lovecoin voting APP to participate in the voting that decides the charitable causes to receive support from 10% of newly created lovecoins.
Individuals receive more love according to how successfully they refer others to free claim tokens.

Lovecoin Uniqueness

Lovecoin has executed a new and innovative method to mine cryptocurrency. It is called "Proof of User Activity." Anybody can use this method to mine lovecoins using a home personal computer. It does require the use of specialized and expensive technology. All one should do is download mining software and start watching videos. There is also an option to search the mining information on the web.

Becoming part of the community is also a simple exercise that just requires free claiming as a signup bonus of 10,000 lovecoins.

Lovecoin intends to become accessible to everyone around the world. It has dedicated 40% of the total supply to serve this purpose.