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OLSP System Review - Make Money Without Selling - No Credit Card Needed! New Live

Sep 1

OLSP System Review - Make Money Without Selling - No Credit Card Needed! New Live



Okay in today's video i'm going to be looking at a product called olsp system and how it is linked to a facebook group and how you can go and earn up to a thousand dollars per month within the facebook group itself and guys this is all free there is nothing to pay up front or anything like that so stay tuned and listen in and i'll show you exactly one what you get with a system and two you can go and join in on facebook and have a chance of getting that thousand dollars per month okay if you're new to the channel we make videos every week about affiliate marketing blogging email marketing and easy ways to make money online plus we also have our free seven day email bootcamp which will actually take you through the steps of starting your own online business using affiliate marketing which could end up getting you a full-time passive income online

So, make sure you grab that also make sure that you hit that subscribe button and the notification bell so then you'll get notified every time we make a new video okay let's head over and have a look at olsp system okay so we've come inside the olsp system now so what basically is it um well basically it's a system where it takes away all the selling so if you are an affiliate marketer a network marketer someone who works online as in e-commerce or drop shipping or anything like that this basically teaches you you can actually make sales by um not actually selling anything we're going to get more into that later but we're going to show you what you actually get within the actual olsp system obviously the first video you want to go and watch is uh does this actually work so it's a couple of minutes video here so that just shows you uh how again it runs over how to use the site is the next video and again.

That just shows you how you can go and use this site to your best of your ability obviously this is uh tab here is meet your team this is where you can connect with your the person that's obviously um brought you into the group and also if you get anybody that you've brought into the group this is actually where it will show their details well so details as well so you can then go and connect with them on facebook and obviously talk to them and guide them and help them as well now the training units uh this is where it all starts really guys is uh obviously i've just uh come into here and but i just wanted to do a quick video of it because i think it's absolutely uh awesome uh system and as you can see uh they're all in different units the videos and the training so the first one is the welcome and how to use the group and the training the unit 2 is um all about the olsp system itself getting started grabbing your link so lesson 5 is how you go and grab your link how to promote it

How to dominate in the olsp and how to track your links etc so there's a lot of great value here guys uh unit 3 then goes into free list building where they give give you a free list building course that's something you can actually give away as well and get people into the olsp system so they give you all the tools you need get started and start earning commissions unit 4 is all about um your own products tube domination traffic nemesis so these are a couple of products again that you can promote uh you can also purchase these as well if you want i think they will work out about 12 13 each that's all but again they just go into more training and more in depth about certain things so you've got unit five it's all about um warrior plus and how you can sell on warrior plus and also using bridge pages things like that and building relationships ships for jv's and all that sort of thing so some really cool stuff here guys six is uh traffic hacks that you can use and con comment done domination as well i've used that that's an aw that's awesome unit seven will obviously uh do advanced list building training so that goes on to uh loads of different things they do use quick click funnels as well here but obviously you can use uh other products that you may already have unit eight is one lead system pixel master class that's obviously three days of videos there and the last one is attraction marketing and that's all training on the on facebook because it's obviously their group is on facebook so they are primarily uh teaching you how to use facebook so again uh that is uh awesome stuff the way this is so great where everything that you invite with that with your unique link and that's why they call it a mega link once you invite people to the group.

Once they've clicked on that link they are then going to be cookied underneath you and they're going to be cookie for all of these products plus if they then go and um promote other products which they do they have training they have other people coming on and um promoting products that sort of thing within the group and if it's something obviously you you want to go and grab or one of your people that you've joined wants to go and grab then obviously you would then get that commission is is linked to you guys it's very difficult to get your head around because this is totally unique there is no one else doing this um where you literally just drive someone to a facebook group and then once they join the facebook group they are linked to you and obviously they've lit they're cookies with all of these different products and promotions as well and i'll show you in a little while how you can go and earn and try and get a thousand dollars per month which is up for grabs every single month this is where you can buy traffic in the make money online niche uh to drive to all of your different products or whatever any product you like but also by completing the training he gives you 100 clicks completely free of charge so this gets you starting to build your email list also means you can drive traffic to other sales pages products whatever and it won't cost you a single penny so you now need to obviously join the traffic domination network that is here on facebook guys so it's a facebook group it's a private group so you have to be invited and there are currently just over 38 000 members.

Now i've only been a member just over a week and this was 35 36 000 then so it's growing really all the time guys it really is and then once you're there guys all you've simply got to do is go to the um the unit one and this is what you just have to watch this before you do anything else okay so you literally watch this and this is a video which actually shows you it's about 15 minutes long and it explains absolutely everything to you and if you do this you're going to start to generate points now they do a leaderboard and the leaderboard is done every single month and as you can see the first 10 places on the leaderboard every single month will get 100 clicks 100 free clicks which they can use however they want to drive traffic but also as you'll see here you've got uh they also get paid out some cash so twenty dollars forty dollars sixty dollars eighty dollars right up to the top person in the group can earn up to a thousand dollars every single month so that means all you have to do is literally go and invite people to the group so if you've got a big facebook following there's nothing stopping you possibly getting up in the top 10 where you can then go and obviously earn cash and not only that guys obviously you can then promote their products individually as well just as an affiliate and also get paid a commission on that and they've got some good products as well so if you're into the make money online niche at all and you're an affiliate marketer then this is good for you if you want to get into that space then again this is good for you so you can start go through the training because everything is laid out and all you have to do is follow the training guys all there is for me to say is make sure you go and click on the link below in the description and that will take you through to the facebook group where you can go and join absolutely totally free you can go and get all the training totally free they all they want to do guys is just help you succeed okay don't forget once you've actually joined and you've watched this video you will then automatically start your journey and i think down in the fifth video i think you can

Then go and get your um olsp system link and then once you do that that opens up all the training on the olsp system here and it also gives you my details where you can go and then connect with me on facebook itself there are live trainings every single week as well so it's ongoing training which is all absolutely free and it's a great community in there as well where we help each other at the same time okay i trust you found that uh interest in that video if you did obviously make sure you smash up that like button for us make sure you check out the other videos right here and if you haven't already make sure you subscribe to the channel right now hit that little notification bell and then you'll get notified every time we make a new video.


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